All Kinds Of Gains

That is a phrase that has been made famous by Kevin and Keith Hodge, aka the Hodge Twins. Those guys are Youtube celebrities who have made a huge name for themselves, and a rather substantial fortune doing exactly what I do. The thing is, those guys are way more interesting than I am, they are twins, they look good as heck, and they have amazing chemistry together. I ain’t hating by the way, I love those guys, I’m stating some facts. We do the same stuff, except, they are obviously more interesting than my dumb butt.

I’ve tried to talk my son into making a youtube series with me, father and son, along the same lines as those upstanding fellas, but he just ain’t down for it. So, I guess we just gonna stay poor. We ain’t making all kinds of gains. LOL.

Anyway, I was watching one of their videos, when I saw them advertise that they were coming to NYC. As soon as I saw that I was all like “WHAT! I’m buying us tickets right away!” And that’s what I did. I knew that my son would be super happy to see them, and only days before his birthday, this made the perfect gift.

The kid was so happy y’all, he was nervous, star struck, and giddy. This isn’t something that happens often with my son, so I was happy for him. The show itself was quite entertaining. The guys went on stage, they bounced stories off of one another, and echoed many of their well known phrases, including, “all kinds of gains.”

Took my son to watch the Hodge Twins for his birthday. #nyctalking

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As a fan, I can tell this one was not improvised the way the videos are. The stories are obviously pre-planned, and the bits are too. This is obviously the way it goes when you take a show on the road, but seeing as though I know them from youtube, and it’s all random stuff they do, you can tell the difference. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, we still enjoyed it very much, but I could discern the difference in dynamic.

I don’t want to ruin any of their bits by sharing their stories or jokes, but if you are a fan, I think you will definitely enjoy it. If they come to your town, get your tickets, and if you can, do the meet and greet, I think its worth it.

These guys are brilliant. They have taken what is working online, and took it on the road. This will up their stock value, exposure, and make them more real to fans. I mentioned to them that they should look into netflix, and that type of method of fan reach. Although, they are doing rather well without it, netflix is huge for stand up comics. I can see them making the shift into film in the future, and I look forward to watching their continued upward trajectory.

My son and I did the meet and greet. Me thinks that them boys shave their whole body because I felt a bit of arm hair stubble when we took a pic. That felt kind of cool, and weird at the same time. Does this make me bisexual now? Cool.

I told the guys that it was my son’s birthday, and they wished him a happy birthday. He was obviously very nervous, and Keith gave him a funny look. There were many people waiting on line to take a picture, but I quickly told them about how I’d been tagging the wrong venue on my tweets. Instead of Caroline’s, I kept tagging Carmine’s by mistake. What made that even more hilarious is that Carmine’s kept retweeting me. LOL.

It was funny to see how some people interacted with them, some looked so terrified, and this one dude was doing an air hug instead of making physical contact. That was pretty damn funny.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have to keep repeating “Yeah,” over and over for everyone who sees you, but as tiring as that may be, I bet those guys are having an amazing time doing this!

Huge kudos to the Hodge Twins, we are big fans of their work, and we had a blast.

By the way, Matt Pavich opened for them, and he slayed the audience! He had me dying with his jokes, one in particular completely took my soul! Keep an eye out for him, he’s a really funny dude!

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