Chris Tucker Live On Netflix

Chris Tucker is liked by some people, and not liked by others. Some people find his voice and screaming insufferable, while others find it hilarious. Taste is a funny thing. It varies dramatically from person to person.

So, please know that I mean no harm when I say that I¬†expected much more from Chris Tucker. He’s a talented funny man, and perhaps he has some funnier standup, but this one just wasn’t doing it for me.

I did enjoy some aspects of the show. I discovered that Chris actually sings pretty damn good, and he does an outstanding Michael Jackson impression. The bits with Michael were probably the funniest I saw.

“Yes Chris, that was a giraffe. Three of them actually.”

Overall though I really expected more. I started falling asleep after awhile, and that is never a good sign when it comes to watching a show.

Netflix has been delivering with their original shows, but most of the people I have spoken with about this one agree, this was okay at best.



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