Dad, how do you remember 9/11?

My son is working on a school essay, he asked me “daddy, I have to interview you about 9/11 for school, I need to know how you and mom remember it”. Well to be completely honest, 9/11, the day itself is mostly a faded memory. I can only remember snippets of that day.  I can still feel the emotions, and I have little clips of the day, but mostly it’s just a blur.

The day started like any other, I have no recollection of anything happening until the point that I was exiting the F train station and I passed by a large screen tv in my old building. I saw everyone crowded around the television and I decided to take a look. That’s when I saw the footage of the first tower being hit. Living in NYC, we have a feeling that our buildings are indestructible, that nothing can hurt us.  That being said I recall thinking “Oh, that’s nothing, the people will be fine”.  Then I saw the second plane hit, this happened while we were still watching the first plane on repeat. Again, nothing, this is NYC, the towers will stand. Again, I thought, “inevitably, some have died, but we will be fine overall.”

Was I ever more wrong in my life? Once I saw the first tower fall, I remember the defeat I felt and I realized then, and only then, “Oh man, we are not going to be fine, many are going to die now”. I’ll never forget having to continue forward and go to work to setup the firm’s command center for the soot covered Managing Directors that came to the Midtown office from the downtown area. I’ll never forget the uncertainty as I heard reports of the other “last” plane that was flying in the sky. I recall the insult being added to injury as they hit the pentagon. I remember the anger I felt when I heard about some individuals in New Jersey that were being reported as celebrating over this success over the infidels. I remember the sadness as I heard about the plane that went that in the field as the brave passengers fought to stop the terrorists.

Many of us remember 9/11 in different ways. I could write for hours and hours on what I felt and saw that day, but I try not to open that would too deeply. If any of you are willing, please share your memories of then with us. Pay tribute to any friends or family lost, or just vent. We are here to listen to you and your story if you will share it.

Rest in peace to all those that lost their lives during these attacks, to those injured or killed in the line of duty, and to those left behind or otherwise affected by the terrible events of this day. God bless you all.



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