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Due Fratelli on Foodio54 This place actually surprised me, both in a good way and a bad. I had ordered a cheeseburger with fries. What arrived was a terrible mess on some odd buns. I expected a simple cheeseburger but the meat was covered in this sloppy white mess of cream, something that resembled cheese, and some pieces of bacon. The bread was some kind of bread I couldn’t even identify,and the fries were all cold and soggy. Do bare in mind though, this was delivery.



IMG_9463 IMG_9465

So I was hungry, and because of that I fear I may not be completely clear on the taste aspect of things, but after wiping off most of the slop, I ate the food and it actually tasted ok. That’s the reason I gave the place two stars, despite being a great big mess and drenched in something I didn’t want, the taste of what I got out of it was alright. With Flipside Burger on an open ended hiatus, the choices for a good burger in this area are slim. Despite that fact though, the likelihood of my ordering from here again are slim to none. There is always an off chance that I could give them a try in person to see if I can intercept and stop the slop. Perhaps it was just a delivery time issue that made things less than optimal?  Who knows?

Try at your own peril, I’ll just say that this was not my thing.


Yeah, not my thing yo. Not my thing.

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Karen Stephens
6 years ago

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6 years ago

Dude, that looks horrible! You know you shouldn’t even be eating that crappy food. The pic looks like something found on the street!

6 years ago

Due Fratelli http://t.co/K8zwwG67rX

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