Father rapes daughter for being a lesbian

I’ve read several accounts of father’s raping there daughters for being a lesbian, or to show them that sex with men is better. You getting this? A father, is raping his daughter, because he wants to show her that sex with men is better.

Let’s examine how twisted this man had to be in order to try and justify this horrific crime.

First of all, this is your daughter, someone you fathered, and raised from a baby to 16 years old at that point. This is your child, you are supposed to protect and guide her. This is not only incest, it’s incest with your own child. Your own child.

Second of all, the sex wasn’t consensual, you raped her. Rape by any account is a horrific and disgusting crime, but you raped your own child. But there’s more, he also raped her sister years before. This guy was a serial rapist of his own children.

Finally, you raped her because she came out to you as a lesbian. Coming out is hard enough as it is for people, but after coming out, this one paid the ultimate price. She was not only insulted, attacked, and emotionally betrayed, she was raped by a man, a man who was supposed to protect her.

Clearly we know that his ridiculous reason for raping her is untrue, that can be determined by the fact that he raped her sister as well. Not that this would have made any difference in the matter, but the fact that he even attempted to justify it by that reasoning is utterly ridiculous.

The only upside to this is that the judge actually gave this trash a hefty prison term. The sentence details as well as a link to the source is below:

The judge ordered the rapist serve 21 years in jail after being found guilty of three rapes during the 1980s and 90s. He was also ordered to serve an additional five years in jail and to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Read more on the mirror for more details on this story.

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