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garnet wines & liquors

I’m not a huge drinker of wines or liquors, but on occasion I have been known to ingest impressive quantities of the devil’s cocktail. In fact, there are studies out there that indicate wines are actually good for you.

One of the health products that I take contains resveratrol which can be found in red wines and is apparently a very good antioxidant. My wife is a consultant for that company, and I take many of their products including the aforementioned.

The question is, what’s the fun of taking in the antioxidants without the wine? That’s where our friends at Garnet Wines & Liquors come in. I went uptown for a job interview, and I decided to take a look at this shop. My liquor cabinet is dry, and I noticed that they were having a 20% discount sale.

Now here is where it gets crazy, this place was absolutely jam packed with people. Where I come from, liquor stores are simply a very small space, surround by bullet proof grass, and tiny compartment where the liquor is passed to you.


This place was an entirely different story, the cashier was accessible to the public, the liquor is easily accessible, and again, the place was jam packed. I asked one of the store workers about the discount, and I was informed that this was always the case at Garnet Wines & Liquor. I looked at the guy with suspicious eyes, and he said “It is true, 20% discount every single day on all wines, and 15% on other spirits. If you come to the store, 20% discount. If you order online, 20% discount. If you call and order, 20% discount.” So clearly this person didn’t want there to be any confusion.

At this point, the blogger in me came forth, and I asked to speak to the person in charge. We chatted for a few minutes, and Parita Patel confirmed what the worker told me. His catch phrase made me laugh “Lowest price of wine in world richest zip code/neighbor hood.” This obviously confused me and I had to ask, “How would you ever stay in business doing this?”

His response was genius, he believes in the costco, amazon, and walmart method. Bulk selling. He feels that most stores take advantage of customers and mark everything up, highway robbery! His theory is simple, “I sell the products at a lower markup, take a bit of a hit on profit, sell more, and get more business.”

garnet wines & liquors
garnet wines & liquors

Judging from what I saw in the store, it looks like his philosophy is rather sound. I expected to see only college kids, but the place was packed with folks of all ages. Business looks good for these folks at Garnet Wines and Liquors, and I’m glad I casually stepped in there. Nothing like an impromptu business interview!

Check these folks out at Garnet Wines & Liquors, or just call them up at 212-772-3211. If you are in the area, just stop by 929 Lexington Avenue. Tell Parita that the weird blogger from NYCTalking who asked him a bunch of questions sent you!

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