Gay men flirting at the gym

I have told my wife that at the gym, gay guys always found me attractive. Especially when I was fit! More often than not I’d get hit on in some way, shape or form.  She felt that I was exaggerating or what not. She didn’t buy it, “Please Honey, Please. You ain’t all that. You ain’t as hot as those gay guys. They don’t want you.”

So we went to the gym together once. We were doing some weight training, cardio, and some bag work.  Here comes this guy, he starts to make small talk about the equipment we are using. The entire time, he’s only addressing me, and then he asks if he can share the machine. Naturally I say sure, work in man.  Only speaking to me still, he introduces himself and smiles.

I introduce myself and we shake hands, then my wife says “I’m Chris.” The guy looks at her, and goes “Hmph, ok.” The way he glared at my wife was like he was saying “Whatever, he’s gonna be mine!”

That whole interaction was awkward but quite funny. Once he realized we were a couple, he kind of moved on. Then I told Chris, see, our first time at this gym together and a guy tries to snatch me from you!


There’s more though, a little while later there was another dude. My wife saw that he was staring at me, and shaking his stuff in front of the mirror. You can’t make this up, or script it. It was pretty funny. My wife has now seen first hand accounts of dude’s trying to hit on me. She now knows that I wasn’t joking about always getting hit on! Mind you, I don’t look the way I used to back then, I am an out of shape version of ARod. This was nothing compared to how it was back in the day when I was “ARod the Bod” as one of my gay homeboys used to say.

One of my lesbian friends said this to me, “Angel, if gay guys are hitting on you, you know you are hot!” Why would I lie or exaggerate about that? Bruh, I was a stud, what can I say?



Growing Up Bronx

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