Getting a Zumba License

So I’ve decided that I want to add to my existing skill set and I’m getting a Zumba license. Now, though I maintain that simply getting a license\certification doesn’t make one “good” or qualified to teach anything, it’s part of the game we must play.

So because I enjoy Zumba, I want to go ahead and get licensed to teach it. I have played around with some choreography, and I’ve taken and watched enough zumba classes to have a fairly decent understanding of how it works. Now I want to teach it.

Granted, I’m not the most graceful person, and I’m certainly not a dancer. So I know that I will not be the smoothest zumba instructor, but I am a good instructor. So my skills as an instructor, my personality, my energy, and overall good vibe will carry over, and hopefully offset what I lack in hip movement.

In addition to that, because I’m not exceptionally good at moving my hips, my choreography will most likely shy away from excessive hip movement. I’ll have some in there, but it will not be the focus of class, because I suck at it.

Another thing I won’t do is make it into a hiit or strength class. I’m going to really focus on having a nice balance of music and choreography. I’ll obviously be playing to my strengths, but not solely to my strengths. I’m not crazy about salsa music, but I’ve made sure to add salsa music to the mix. I love Soca music, and though I’ll be sure to squeeze some in, the nature of Soca does not lend itself to my talents, or lack thereof. I’ll definitely throw in some bhangra and bollywood music, and plenty of spanish pop.

At this point I have about 12 songs that I have a choreography for, but I need to memorize and fine tune it. Some of it is new and mine, others are from Zumba, and a couple are from some of my instructors. (I got permission to use them.)

I’m excited to take the training, and really hone this craft. I’ve had the opportunity to lead a few songs over the last year, and it is a humbling experience. I look forward to learning, mastering, and then leading amazing classes for our participants. That’s the most important part, that they enjoy it! And that’s what I want to give them!

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