Hot 97 FM Street Soldiers and Fox 5 News Recap

The experience at Hot 97 radio was really great. Lisa Evers is an amazing host, and my two co-guests, Dr Darrin Porcher, and Pierre Bazile Esq, both retired law enforcement officers were pretty awesome dudes!

We spoke about racism, a very difficult and intense topic. I think we did a great job covering it. Each of us contributed some great feedback. We also spoke about excessive force, and racial profiling. I have to be completely honest with you guys, at times I felt like I was a bit out of my league, discussing law, while sitting among two former officers, one of which is now a lawyer and the other a criminal law professor.

I did my best to contribute based off of my own real life experiences growing up in the New York Streets. Though I don’t have the book skills my co-guests have, I think I held it down. I know a thing or two about our rights when it comes to police interactions. I do run a political talk show after all. By the way, the looks I received from the team when I mentioned my political affiliations, classic! Though I did emphasize that I am trying to be a bridge, a mediator of sorts when it comes to politics.

We received mostly interesting phone calls where the callers made valid points. Though at least one person was just pissed off and looking to vent in our direction. I understood his frustration, and Pierre did a great job of addressing his pointed question. The question being “What about the many people who were not resisting and cops shot them?” Pierre stated that if a cop did something wrong, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We all agree, and we believe in due process. Though we can all agree that sometimes, the system breaks.

Lisa Evers Hot97

After the one hour show, which moved exceptionally quick, we hung around and spoke for sometime. I met a few folks from the other stations in the shared space. 107.5 WBLS is right there, and I got to kick it with Comedian Mr. George Wallace, Dj Drewski, and the radio legends Bob Slade, and Bob Pickett. Slade nicknamed me, “Angel eyes!” Now that is one cool cat! I met another gentleman by the name of Fatim Muhammed, and we discussed race relations in the hallway for a few minutes with Dr Porcher.

Bob Slade Angel Rodriguez

Lisa Evers was doing a Fox 5 News segment after the Hot 97 show. She asked myself and Dr. Porcher, both with prior military backgrounds to speak our opinions for the news segment. We both agreed, and provided some footage which can be seen here:

New York News

This was a busy, eventful experience. I loved it. This is what I love to do, this is my passion. Next week’s Street Soldier’s show will be on terrorism, and I’ve already recommended one of my American Muslim buddies for the show, as well as myself! It’s like I always say, if I make friends anywhere, I’m all about the spread love, like Biggie always said.

Thanks to all the folks at Hot 97 for bringing me in today. It was a great experience to do FM radio!

We wish Lisa a full and speedy recovery to that terrible arm injury! She’ll be kicking people in the head again in no time!

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