I can’t talk about the man who grabbed my penis

So years ago, I was taking a shower at the gym, and this old man grabbed my penis. I’m not going to retell the story as you can read the whole story here. What I’m looking to point out is that I was told by an attorney friend of mine that I shouldn’t expose the man publicly because I could get sued. The fact that it was about 15 years ago and I have no actual proof could make me vulnerable to a law suit.

Ain’t that some crazy stuff? This dude grabbed my naked cock as I showered, and because the statute of limitations has expired, I can’t take any legal action against him. But, I can’t even go public with what he did because I have no evidence or witnesses. I mean, who is recording shit while taking a shower?

The only thing I could potentially prove is that he was there during the same time frame that I was, and that proves being physically present. The fact that I know and remembered his name so many years later indicates that we had met. How would I know where he was 15 years ago if I randomly chose him for this bullshit? Nah, this really happened. However, it seems I can’t do anything about the matter.

The guy was a partner at a law firm, I believe that he has since retired. I ran a search on his details, and I think he’s 87 years old at this point. His partner and his son are now running the law firm. They cover criminal law, and one of the items they have listed on their website is “sexual assault.”

Isn’t that ironic? So here we are, I’m tempted to put his information out, but I’m afraid that I may end up getting sued and causing myself some trouble over it. They are criminal lawyers, so they’d have the tools to fight me readily available. I on the other hand would have to hire someone to defend myself, and still probably lose.

I understand why some people just stay quiet about shit like this. This guy isn’t even a celebrity or powerful figure, yet I’m told that he could hurt me if I speak up against him. That’s some shit huh?

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