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Is that guy dead?

NYC Rules

Is that guy dead?

What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw someone slumped over? No idea right? Depending on the context, and what’s going on, I too am not certain as to what I’d do. However today I saw just that, and I took action.

I was walking with my son towards Roosevelt Avenue here in Queens. We saw a car that was turned on with the engine running, inside I saw a man slumped over, he seemed to be breathing but faintly. I decided to check if the man was ok, so I tapped on the window of the car, he didn’t respond, I tapped on the windshield, he didn’t respond, I went over to the driver’s side window and banged on the window, again he didn’t respond.

Now a crowd is starting to gather, they all noticed what I did, a slumped over man. You can smell the car exhaust, and it’s obviously a dangerous situation. I decided to take it one step further, I checked the car door and it was unlocked, so I opened it and tapped the man on the shoulders, still no response. You hear “Oh my God, should we call for help” from the crowd, I signal for them to wait a second, so I slap him harder on the arm and shake him. Eventually he reacts and looks up at me, dazed and confused. Are you ok sir? He doesn’t respond, just stares at me, “Usted esta bien senor?” ¬†Still only just stares at me.

After a moment he registers what has happened, he looks at me, at the crowd around the car, and my son, and he nods. I told him that he should turn the engine off or he’ll end up poisoning himself as the exhaust scent was very strong, I also said he probably shouldn’t drive if he’s that tired. He nodded, I gave a thumbs up and walked away.

What would you do?



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