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So, today I receive an email saying that I was chosen as one of the top bloggers from Miami. “Though NYCTalking is based out of NYC, your Miami reviews qualify you for the award.” Naturally, my first instinct is to perform a “whois” and make sure this isn’t some garbage email. Once I verified that this wasn’t a spam bot, I took a look at the site.


They gave me a cool badge, and invited me to guest post on their site. Cool, I respect the linkback grind yo!

So, here goes, NYCTalking does not have a working relationship with these guys as of yet, and we cannot vouch for them as a service provider, or on a professional level. However, we do thank them for the props, and for making the connection. Here is the cool badge and a linkback to the top bloggers page on Restaurant Discount Warehouse.

Thanks y’all!

nyctalking award

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