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On Friday I had the pleasure of trying out the Neapolitan express pizza truck. I received an invitation from Sarah to come and try out their pizza. was out to represent y’all! Anyone that knows me knows that I love pizza, I mean I really love pizza. Some websites will ask the question what would be the last meal you would like to eat before you die, my answer is always pizza.

So naturally when Sarah invited me over there was no question that I was going to come and try out this pizza. The short train ride and the brief walk were well worth it. When I arrived, Sarah offered me a drink and she began to tell me about the company. She told me a lot of things, some of which I don’t remember, but one of the main items that I do remember is the story behind the tomatoes. Sarah told me that the tomatoes are imported from Italy, she said that they come from a place close to Mount Vesuvius. She was very proud in telling me that the only component in the sauce was these tomatoes. There are no added salt’s or other condiments in this sauce. You can really taste the difference I have to say. Sarah was also very excited to tell me about the truck and how it is environmentally safe. In addition to this the boxes that they provide for take-out are also 100% biodegradable, and they provide recycle bins for your convenience.

Enough about that though, let’s talk about what we all came to talk about, the pizza. I have to tell you for pizza that was prepared in under 90 seconds, in a specially made 900 degree oven, in a truck, in the middle of a street in Midtown, this was really, really good pizza.

There are two ways that I judge a pizza, the first way that I judge a pizza is whether or not I can taste all of the individual components. While I’m eating the pizza I taste for the sauce, I taste for the cheese, and I taste for the dough. If I can break down each of those components in my mouth as I’m eating it, if I can separate them and tell the difference, then that my friends is good pizza. The other way I can tell whether or not a pizza is good is to determine if eating it gives me a headache. I suffer from high blood pressure and I get migraine headaches. Due to this I cannot eat pizza on a regular basis because it will make me sick. But that doesn’t change the fact that pizza is by far my favorite food in the world.

One of my favorite pizza pies comes from a place called Goodfellas LES. All things considered this pie was comparable with my favorite pie. The pizza comes out of the oven very hot so do be careful about burning your mouth. Give it a few moments to cool down and then sink your teeth into the deliciousness that is a Neapolitan express pizza pie.

The truck doesn’t come out to the Wall Street area downtown, however if I am ever in the Midtown area or the Meatpacking district when they are around and I see the truck I will stop by for a pie because it was really, really good. I recommend that you guys try out their pizza pie at least once, and then let me know what you think. Personally I was very impressed and I’m actually getting hungry talking about it right now.

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6 years ago

I need to keep an eye out for this truck! We know you are a pizza whore, and if you say it’s this good I have to believe it.

6 years ago

Big thanks to @nyctalking for their amazing write-up. Verdict: “This was really, really good pizza.” Read it here:

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6 years ago

RT @NeaExpress: Big thanks to @nyctalking for their amazing write-up. Verdict: “This was really, really good pizza.” Read it here: http://t…

6 years ago

RT @NeaExpress: Big thanks to @nyctalking for their amazing write-up. Verdict: “This was really, really good pizza.” Read it here: http://t…


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