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The first thing that stood out to me about this place was the name. I spied it from across the street as me and Lucy from “On deck with Lucy” were walking in the rain trying to find somewhere to eat. From the outside it appeared empty, and considering that every place was packed in the area, an empty restaurant would be cause for concern. However necessity drove us to cross the street and give it a go.

Turns out I was mistaken, the place was packed inside, we just couldn’t tell from our vantage point across the street. That being considered, we were still seated really quickly. Another surprise, upon looking at the menu I started reading all these French named food items, crap! Merd! I’m not a big fan of French food. Lucy asked me what I thought of the menu, I said it looks French! She realized I’m not a fan of French food.

In any case after what seemed like forever looking at all these French food names, I chose what to go with. Neither of us wanted to keep wandering around aimlessly, so French food it is!

Well, here came yet another surprise for the evening. I decided to start with a seafood salad as my app, it was really good! Surprise motherfacker! Haha. To be completely honest with you, I’m not even sure what the hell was in there. I know it was a blue crab and shrimp salad and was really freaking tasty. Well I’ll be! Maybe there is hope for French food after all!

Lucy is now on her 6th month as a vegan so she went with a simple salad and lived vicariously through me. Heh heh. Vegans. LOL. Although, that probably explains why she looks the way she does, and I look the way I do. Eh? Eh? Eh?

Next came my entree, steak with potatoes and asparagus. The steak was cooked just right, it was also very tasty and went down real good like. I love potatoes and these did not disappoint. Granted there were literally like five thin slices which left me wanting more, but had I eaten all the asparagus I’m sure I would have been fine. I tried it, and for a hard stick of a vegetable it tasted pretty good, but asparagus is not really my thing.

For dessert I had 3 scoops of homemade coconut ice cream. The ice cream was delicious! Really good.

I forgot, we were started off with bread, meh, the bread was a bit to hard and dry for my taste, not really the kind I like. However that is not necessarily a bad thing because I didn’t eat it all! Which goes back to earlier statement in regards to the way I look. Lol.

Service in this place was very good, our drinks were filled often, the staff was knowledgeable, always smiling and cordial, and of course I was in good company. This was a great meal, and considering that I’m not really a fan of French food, I would definitely eat here again, the food was good enough to warrant a return visit. Give it a go, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

After note: It appears that this place is a popular restaurant and highly touted. I had never heard of it up until this point, but, I will say it lived up to the reputation that it appears to have. The food was delicious and this place is making my “Angel Favs” list! As a non-fan of french food, a place like this will make me a fan! Even more than some fancy smancy big name french places I’ve purposely visited.

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