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Restaurant Review: Uno Chicago Grill (Forest Hills)


Restaurant Review: Uno Chicago Grill (Forest Hills)


Why yes, that is a cherry stem that I tied up into a knot with my tongue as the featured image. Wait, what? Uhm, the first person (hostess) we encountered upon entering this establishment was very nice and really cool. I was excited that this would set the tone for the food experience that we would have here.  I was sorely mistaken. Though overall kind, our server/waitress was not very attentive and in my opinion was more eager to get out of there than to provide the stellar service that one has come to expect from “Uno”. Wait, what?

My first dish was a caesar salad. Simple dish made up of lettuce, some toasted bread, some caesar dressing, some cheese and in some cases anchovies. I will sum this up with the statement that my green lettuce was brown, it looked old and nasty on some of the leaves. Once I realized this I completely lost my appetite for this dish, and in fact I came very close to simply getting up and walking out. Take a look at some of this grossness.

My main dish was not much better. The steak was overcooked and very dry, the shrimp was undercooked and cold, the rice was extremely salty and they missed one of my sides, the mashed potatoes. Eventually those potatoes came and they too were disappointing,  dry and hard even.

My son ordered the “make your own pizza option”, they didn’t really explain how that thing worked. So we received this cold pizza dough, cold pepperoni, and cold sauce. My little man asked “Is this it”, so I touched it and concluded that they have to heat it up after we “put it together”, but who knew. LOL. That aside my son was happy with his pizza. he had a plain sauce, pizza with pepperoni.  Hey, whatever works.

I had an iced drink, the lemon limerick which was pretty good, my son had a soda which was a soda. LOL. For dessert I had an ice cream with oreo brownie dish, and my son had some sort of ice cream chocolate dish. I didn’t get a picture of that though, but it was pretty good.  This place is a “Yo, I need a quick ‘whatever’ meal” type of spot. Definitely not a great quality place. I guess for pizza it’s ok or whatever, but if you want steak or anything like that, then go to one of the neighboring locations and bypass this place.

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