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Vegetarian fare with a side of meditation anyone?

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart specializes in healthy cuisine and conscious living. Inspired by the teachings of Sri Chinmoy it is a unique dining experience with a different feel than your typical restaurant. With a section dedicated to books on meditation and incense and live Indian inspired flute music playing as you enjoy your meal it is a peaceful retreat from the hustle of NYC. The true test of course is the food however and I had the opportunity to sample several dishes.

Must Have.

The Boffo Buffalo Wings were a great interpretation of the American appetizer staple. The imitation soy chicken does a great impression of dark meat chicken and it packed just enough heat to get the beads of sweat going on my forehead.

The Souvlaki Fountainopolis and its perfectly seasoned vegetarian beef is paired perfectly with brown rice and a Greek salad. It is mediterranian fare at its best. The texture of the beef was very similar to the genuine article. This is what I will be ordering on return trips here.

The Three bean chili was the star of the evening. As a True beef eating chili lover I was surprised how much I truly enjoyed the vegetarian version. It was deliously seasoned and packed with flavor while maintaining a lightness that I’ve never experienced in a chili. Also of note the cornbread it was served with was absolutely wonderful.

El burrito del Corazon was huge and loaded with vegetarian duck as well as cheeses and black beans. The blue corn chips were accompanied by homemade salsa and guacamole. The only critique I have is as a true lover of Tex-Mex fare the burrito could have used a bit more of a kick. Although being Puerto Rican and raised on spicy foods my tastebuds are perhaps programmed a bit differently than some readers.

Overall I rate the Oneness-Fountain-Heart as a very favorable guiltfree experience and as a non vegetarian I would recommend this place my adventurous meat eating friends who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Dinner for 2. Under $50

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