Shy guy, join the conversation

Growing up I was very timid. When I first started High School, I had the benefit of knowing one of the cool Seniors. The first few weeks I caught the train with him, and kind of hung out with him outside in the morning and afternoon.

The problem with me back then was that I didn’t have conversational skills. So this dude would bring me around his homies, and I’d be standing around like a fool. I never forget this one time that we were outside of the school. My friend and another Senior were talking about something, and I was just standing there like a freaking lump! My homeboy looks at me and says “Join the conversation.” To which I just shrugged and didn’t know what to say.

That sort of set the tone for my High School career. After that first year, my homeboy left, and I remained. As we established, I lacked the social skills to really engage, and I was extremely shy. Things only became worst after he left, so much so that I ended up dropping out of High School. That’s how bad it became.

Thankfully I grew out of that shell, and today I am more social than most people I know! Deep down inside, I am still that shy, scared young man. I won’t deny that, but I learned how to work around that. I also recovered in respect to my education and went on to earn not one, but two college degrees. I’ll always be grateful to my friend for trying to help transition me into High School, could I do it all over again, I’d have plenty to say! Thank you, brother.