NYPD and the flaw of law on perverts

I read a post stating that there was a man exposing himself on the train at 7am. This is a busy time on the train, and often sees lone children riding the train. A rider allegedly phoned up the NYPD and was told that “there was nothing they could do about it.”

Can you see why this is a problem? The NYPD has a tough job, and they are often busy, I get that. I’m not here to knock them specifically, but the system they serve under, and whomever makes the decision to let this guy carry on. How is it possible that they would say there is nothing they can do when a man is exposing himself in front of children? That is 100% unacceptable!

The correct action is to keep the caller on the phone, dispatch a car to intercept the train a stop or two away, and then proceed to arrest this pervert. This behavior should not be tolerated or accepted.

This brings us to the question, what would you do in this type of situation? You see, I would bet an arm and a leg that if you did something to these types of perverts, well, then the cops would do something to you. Therein lies the flaw of law. While this guy is pulling out his man tool, there is nothing they can do. However, if you take action to protect the kids, I’m certain then there is something that they can do.

I argue that him exposing himself in that fashion is a form of biological assault. I don’t know his health, he may have a contagious disease, and his masturbating in public puts us all, including our kids at risk. Corrective action is not only necessary, but our duty as parents and protectors of the young!

After some pressure from a few individuals in social media, including Urban Jibaro, Lisa Evers, and Pablo Guzman, the NYPD is now “searching” for him. I appreciate that these folks helpedg in getting the NYPD to move, but to the NYPD I say, too little too late. If someone calls in a situation like this, y’all really need to handle it then and there. Not when he’s long gone. NYC law is flawed, and set up to protect the bad guys. I have always felt this way, and regardless of my political stance, that belief has not change.

subway perv

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