The Nintendo Friend

Remember when we were kids, there was always that one kid who came to your house, and the first thing the freaker would say was, “Can we play on your Nintendo?” Then, if they ever got one of their own, it would become, “Can I borrow your Contra cartridge?” Eventually, they would get their own games, and trade with you at best, but no longer would they visit you, no longer would they hang. That was the Nintendo friend.

I had one of those, his name was Victor. Church going family, cool kid, he had about 3 or 4 sisters. When I was growing up, birth control was a no no if you went to church, so it was never a surprise that some of our church families would have a lot of kids. The idea was, “If God wants you to have another kid, you have another kid.” But, I digress, let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

Anyway, one of his sister’s liked me, and I kind of liked her, she was cute. Pretty green eyes, cute face, all around attractive to me. This dude was such a Nintendo friend, that he would facilitate bringing his sister over to hang out with my sister, in exchange for Nintendo time. That’s low man, practically pimping out your sister man! Just wrong.

Later on, they moved to a different area, and I visited on occasion, but in the pre-cell phone, pre-text, pre-email, and pre-facebook days, keeping in touch once they left the block was nearly impossible. I’d love to know whatever became of him and his family, but it’s likely I’ll never find out. I can’t even remember his last name, or any of his sister’s names. Oh well, it was good while it lasted, Nintendo friend.

Did you have a Nintendo friend growing up?

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