Unreasonable Customers At Marshalls

Marshals was exceptionally busy yesterday. The line to pay looped 3 times, and each loop was extremely long. Needless to say, there was a lot of waiting around here.

The line didn’t only apply to the checkout, but also to the fitting room. This wouldn’t be of any note if not for the interesting, unreasonable customers I observed while waiting.

Many individuals were giving the workers attitudes, and simply being rather unpleasant. There was one guy who took the cake though. This dude wanted to try on a suit, but for obvious security reasons it was tied together and secured.

When the guy noticed this, he says to the worker in a very nasty way, “You are kidding me right now?” She states that this cannot be removed for security purposes. He replies “Cut it then, just cut it.” To which she replied, I don’t have tools for that. He then insisted on trying it on anyway and walked into the fitting room.

I have a question for people like this guy. I understand that you don’t have time to go to the front to have the security device removed, we all know the world revolves around your schedule. However, who do you think you are to suggest that she cut the device? Would you be paying to replace it? Do you really think you are so damn important that she’d destroy company property to appease you?

Get a grip pal! It’s Marshalls, and you are no more important than the rest of us cheapos buying designer brand clothes at not designer brand prices!

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