Winnie from the Wonder Years: Danika McKellar

When I was a kid, I used to have such a huge crush on Winnie Cooper. Her character was everything that I wanted in a woman. Thinking back on my life, she reminds me of who I believe was my very first “girlfriend” in second grade. Her name was Sugey, I can only remember that she had long flowing black hair, a pretty smile, and she was timid. My kind of gal!


I saw a video “meme” of a dancing Wendy from the Munsters, and that made me wonder about Winnie Cooper. So here we are, I googled her and up come these extremely sexy pictures of a grown up Danika. Makes me think of that 80’s song “Centerfold.” My Winnie is the centerfold!


I’d love to meet and kick it with Danika. Perhaps as I continue to go on television shows, maybe I’ll enter her radar? For now, I’ll just hang on to a child’s dream of romance!