Would you keep the cash?

This weekend a friend of mine that lives in Massachusetts got married. I traveled out there with my wife for the weekend.

Our travels entailed a bus ride connecting to a rental zip car. As I inspected the interior of the vehicle I found a wallet in the glove compartment. I examined it for a number or contact information, but only found a few IDs, some credit cards, and it had some cash in it.

The hustler/survival of the fittest part of me thought “I should take the cash”. If you are careless enough to leave your wallet, then you deserve to lose the petty cash in there.

Then I thought some more and wondered though it is there and for the taking, what will this money really do for me? It felt like bad karma, just a dirty thing that I should not do.

I decided to try and find the college kid on twitter or Facebook, but I couldn’t. So I called up zip car and informed them that a wallet was left in the car by one of the previous occupants. I explained there were some important identification items and credit cards along with a few dollars left behind.

I’m not sure what will happen to it at this point and it is not really my issue. But my conscience is clear knowing that though I could have probably taken, used and gotten away with his credit cards that I didn’t. I’m pleased that I left the $20 or whatever it was behind. I don’t know that I would have always done the right thing here, but I did it now.

Integrity, doing the right thing, even when you know that no one is looking.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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