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We were walking along Lincoln Road, we spot to look at the menu. The cool owner or manager comes over and starts shooting the breeze with us. He’s talking about how great the quality of the food is. “This is slow season so we make it cheaper, but the quality is still great, come inside and try”.

Again, we were hungry so we decided to go for it. Here are the findings.. The bread was hard and tough, I don’t know if this is the style, or the way it’s meant to be, but either way I’m not a big fan. It felt like it could cut my mouth.

I love crab cakes so we decided to try their lump crab cakes. They came with a salad, the salad was very good, it had a nice light dressing which went well with the dish. the crab cakes were real and very tasty. They were not fishy or anything like that. Tasted good and fresh.

My wife had an apple salad, and I tried some of the greens, they were good.

As my main dish I had the American Kobe sliders, hmmm those were good. Thinking about it now I’m getting hungry. The taste was nice and quite enjoyable. They were not too small so I didn’t require extra food to feel satisfied, this worked just fine.

The meal came with fries, I have to tell you the fries here are really good. They stood out among the other fries I’ve eaten in my day. Very good.

Now I had asked for a ginger ale, when I was given my drink it tasted a bit like coke. Now if you know me you know I cannot drink caffeine, otherwise when I withdraw I go into crackhead mode. I mean really bad withdrawals. So I asked the wife to try it, she agreed. So I called the waiter over and asked him if he gave me a coke. He stated that the way they make ginger ale there is to take some sprite and add a dash of coke. I knew I tasted coke, good thing I asked otherwise this innocent little switch could have ruined my vacation with a nasty migraine.. Grrr!!!!

The soda fiasco aside everything here was good, the waiter Ricardo was very cool and we enjoyed some cool conversation with him. This place was ok to check out. The cost was reasonable, I don’t remember the exact number, but if it were out of this world I’d remember.

I recommend the place, at least to meet Ricardo. LOL..

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Angel Rodriguez

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