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Business Review – Maggie Mae's


Business Review – Maggie Mae's

Here’s another local spot that I never went to while I lived in Woodside. Why, because I’ve never been a bar guy. Who knew that on thursday’s these guys have a rocking karaoke party going on?

Again, leave it to Leighann, who lives in Astoria to teach me about my own old neighborhood. Hahah.

We came here after a few hours at Sean Ogs, we wanted to sing because our impromptu session at the bar set it off.

I enjoyed the place, the crowd was cool. You could see that there were quite a few locals there that were observant of the “new guests”, but they were all friendly. I didn’t feel unwelcomed or threatened in any way.

Hi fives and props after my performances, laughter, a good time.. No drama, I love it that way…

A couple of the guys had their dogs, so I played with about 3 dogs, a boxer, a pit boxer mix and a mini pinscher.

I performed a duet with myself, Phantom of the Opera, YES. My yelper homies including Leighann performed a few songs, it was a blast. The hostess also sang, the girl has some pipes on her, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

The drinks were not as strong as other places, but I think the percentage of vodka to orange juice was perfect. The drinks tasted good and kept me buzzed as needed all night. Perfect.

I enjoyed this place and now that I know I’ll definitely be back..



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