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Alright, so at some point I was watching tv with the wife in Miami, probably late night, and up comes this show about the places to eat in south beach. STK being one of them. “Not your father’s steak house”.

We saw it in passing and recognized it from the tv show, so I decided to take the wife for her birthday. We made reservations easy enough and
come over for dinner.

I have to say the bread here was really good. We dogged it, then asked for more and dogged it too. For those of you that are not from the inner city, dogging something is the equivalent to saying “devoured” or ate it really fast and greedily. LOL…

For an appetizer we tried the lump crab (yes, I like crabs.. hey now)… So the lump crab was not fishy which is a great thing. I hate fishy seafood. Wait, what? Although I must say that the crab cakes were slightly bland, even after drenching them in lemon. That was a bit of let down, I expected more from the crab cakes.

My wife had the mini skirt steak, I tried it and it was pretty good. I had the 10 oz filet, served with yukon mashed potatos and steak sauce. Lately I have been learning that steak is better eaten tender, medium is the way I order it now, as opposed to charred well done as I used to. It definitely tastes better medium. This steak was really good, and the mashed were to die for. Delicious. The sauce very good and complimented the tender steak.

The service is very professional and fancy smancy, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. The decor is very chic and modern, very hip. It’s a darker environment and apparently later in the evening the place becomes a lounge/dance club. Very cool vibe in there. The wife was tired so we didn’t stick around, but I’m sure the scene is cool.

It’s not cheap, but if you have a few bucks and you are treating yourself or someone you love, it’s worth trying the steak here. Make sure you get those yukon mashed….



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