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I met one of my closest, longest dearest friends tonight for dinner.
He works in midtown and requires being close to the metronorth. As
such we opted that I would go to him.

He chose this place, and I must say, pretty good choice. I’m always a
bit skeptical when I walk into a Japanese restaurant that is run by
Chinese folks. This can workout ok, or it can be catastrophic from a
food perspective.

Tonight it was the former. I had my typical spicy tuna and spider
roll. I had told my buddy I judge a place on spicy tuna and spider
rolls. He was the one who chose the place, so he was eager for my

Miso soup is miso soup right? I had one and it was uneventful.
Nothing great or bad about it. It just existed.

The spider roll tasted very good. There was no fishy aftertaste or
super soggy crab. Now the crab could have had a bit crunchier tempura,
but that’s just nitpicking on my part. It was really good.

The spicy tuna was on par with most good places that I have gone to.
It did not taste pickly or whatnot. It had a nice crunch to it, it wasn’t
overly spicy, and IT DIDN’T TASTE PICKLY! That is the worst, a
pickly tasting spicy tuna. It was pretty good.

I wanted to try some dessert here for good measure. I had tempura
fried red bean ice cream. It was pretty good. The ice cream didn’t
taste grainy or frozen old. It was good. I’ll definitely come back
here again it was a good place.

The sushi took a long time to come out, a bit slow by NYC standards.
Also considering the place was pretty empty I was surprised at how
long they took. But the food quality more than made up for the slight
delay. I’ll even list this place. It worth checking out.

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