3 Expert Tips for Safe Resistance Training

Strength training or resistance training has a multitude of benefits for the body. For example, it helps burn more calories, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves sleeping patterns. In fact, training with the best fitness instructor can help reap several other advantages like bone health protection and lowering the risk of colon cancer. No wonder, the market size of the gym and fitness clubs industry is expected to increase by 2.3% in 2021 and the expected revenue is $33.3 billion, according to an article by IBISWorld. However, one needs to be alert and aware of the basic risks that lie in any fitness program.

The good news is that personal training in New York can make people look and feel great along minimizing the chances of potential injuries and muscular imbalances, according to the best personal trainer in NYC, Maik Wiedenbach. This is usually done by body screening, fitness assessments, and keeping your goals in mind. In fact, your capabilities are also taken into account to reduce the chances of mishaps during the training classes. Besides working with the best bodybuilding coach in New York, here are few measures every gym-goer can adopt.

1.    Gradual Increase

The best fitness instructor suggests that muscle movement should be challenged by slowly increasing resistance or weight. Start working at the right tempo to gradually gain momentum. Otherwise, it could be quite risky for your tendons and ligaments and you could end up in cramps and pulls. Make sure to add extra weight only when you can complete all the reps. It is recommended to be patient during strength training for fat loss instead of being too eager to see the results.

2.    Correct Lifting Techniques

Avoid lifting heavy weights if you do not have someone on hand to ‘spot’ you and listen to the advice of a qualified private trainer to reduce the risks of injury, according to an article by Better Health Channel. Breathe properly, seek balance and take enough rest in between to avoid exertion or hurting yourself. Further, don’t forget to prepare your muscles with dynamic warm-ups to see better results over time. Lastly, do schedule regular workouts with a personal trainer in NYC to maintain consistency.

3.    Warm-Ups

It is important to warm up by walking and cool down later through stretching for at least 5-10 minutes, according to an article by Harvard Health Publishing. The main aim is to get the blood flowing through the muscles for better performance. You can also go for squats, planks, side lunges, and pushups which help spike your heart rate and prepare your body to breathe properly through the upcoming strength training session. Work with an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer for weight loss to prepare an efficient warm-up session.

The smartest way to ensure minimal risks of injury is to collaborate with a personal trainer in NYC. Choose the one who is patient and honest and has sound knowledge of the dos and don’ts of strength training. Rest assured, you are to reach your desired fitness milestone within the shortest span of time.

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