Addicts have to eat too!

Yesterday there was a discussion about police not arresting folks for smoking weed in public. So I made a comment on the Facebook post where I stated that I don’t care about people smoking weed, I just don’t want myself or my family exposed to it. I also stated that I would not give any of my hard earned money to the shelter folks in my neighborhood. I see those guys smoking weed and drinking beer everyday. This says to me that you have some money, and that you chose to spend it on your drug and alcohol habit.

After posting that, a woman came and said, “addicts have to eat too!” And yes, I agree, but from my experience, any money you offer them will go to feed their habit. I gave one of them a couple of dollars as he said he was hungry, and I saw him use the money to buy liquor. I decided that this would not happen to me ever again! As a test, I offered him food instead of money the next time he asked, and he said he’d like to get it when he’s hungry, that he’d just take the money. Uhm, I don’t think so.

I don’t like to give money to people who misuse their funds on things they don’t need, such as weed and alcohol. If I give you money for food and you use it to feed your vice, then that’s a double no no. This guy and his crew are banned from any support.

I’ve been told that NYC is really helpful to our homeless population. It is understood that some cannot be helped as they are mentally ill, and don’t remain at a shelter, etc. They simply roam the streets looking for food, cigarettes and drink. But in the case where the individuals have their wits about them, a cell phone, and some sort of allowance which they then wish to smoke and drink away, well, then the problem is them, isn’t it? I’m not taking it upon myself to feed or help you.

What are your thoughts? Am I being reasonable here?

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