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Bauble Bar NYC

Hello fashion lovers!

It’s been a while since my last post but I just established a new obsession, that is Statement Jewelry. Bauble bar is a great place for you to go to for fun and loud Jewelry. I compared their prices to other sites that carry big jewelry & I found that Bauble bar is the place to go for. They are so much fun. I went both to the store & I ordered online. This is my recent obsession!

I had purchased a big gold chain necklace which takes a simple outfit to a whole new level. Cute colored earrings will draw more attention to your beautiful face. The latest trend, stacked bracelettes are a must for this season. I got a pretty bracelette from the treasure hunt that was retailed at $24 & I got it for $10, what a bargain!

Store: They give you freebees depending on how much you get.

Online: They send you emails on treasure hunting. If you find the right item, it’s like 50% off regular price & it’s so much fun.

230 Fifth Avenue, Suite 610
New York, NY

bauble bar

(Click for larger image)

1) Smokey Tudor Bib $66

2) Chrystie Cross Bib $38

3) Noble House Designs Candy Spike Collar $110

4) Gypsies & Debutantes Fire Freund Bracelet $48

5) Pave Stud Bracelet $24

6) Maize Link Wrap Bracelet $32

7) Chevron Ring Stack $23

8) Chevron Stud Earrings $26

9) Pop Portrait Studs $28

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7 years ago

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