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This place was one of those spots that felt neutral. You know what I mean? It’s like just neutral. Bonfire Grill.

I was having dinner with one of my life-long friends and after aimlessly walking around trying to pick what restaurant to eat at, we decided to eat at this place. She said that they had a phenomenal salad. Since before I even started doing this food writing thing, I used always would say to my wife, “I’m a caesar salad critic.” They have a good salad, then say no more, sold.

Well, they didn’t have a caesar salad, bummer. They did have crab cakes though! Yum! Another favorite! They were pretty good; we enjoyed the dish. Oddly enough the crab cakes were served with a sort of house salad on top of it. That added to the flavor profile of the dish and gave it a nice touch.

As a main course, I went with a Bourbon burger with fried sweet potatoes. My companion went with the salmon. The burger was pretty good. It was one of those messy burgers, very juicy and sloppy. Though some people love that, I’m not too crazy about chaotic burgers, but it tasted good. The fries were alright, uneventful. I tried the salmon and it was acceptable, though my friend wanted it pink on the inside, and it wasn’t.

The service and the decor here were also ok. There is a bar area, a dining area, and windows that open to the street. The servers were nice, but didn’t “wow” us.

Here’s the way I look at it. This isn’t a gourmet restaurant. They very likely have regular cooks back there, not culinary experts. Asking for your salmon to be pink, that is probably not gonna happen. However, if you are hungry, and you want something relatively quick that tastes okay, then give them a try.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Bonfire Grill Review