Call Of Duty MW2 Running more Bouncy

Is it me or after the latest update, when running on MW2 you are bouncing up and down way more? I asked fellow players and they all agree, “There is way more bounce when running.”

Here’s the thing, I can appreciate trying to make the game even more realistic, but this bounciness is making me dizzy and kind of nauseaus. I really hope they don’t put this in MW3. I tried a few settings to try and deal with the slight motion sickness that I’m feeling. I’m not sure if there is a direct way to remove how much bounce your character has when running, but I tried these below settings to reduce the motion and movement.

I updated my field of view to 120, the max allowed. I changed my weapon field of view to wide. Finally, I changed 1st person camera movement to the “Least” at 50%. I will see if this helps out, but that bounce is not appreciated around these here parts.

Again, I get it, make it realistic, but really, it isn’t that realistic of a game. I mean as a knifer, I can slice you once with my knife, you shoot the crap out of me, and I live, while you die? That’s not very realistic, is it? So let’s go ahead and remove that annoying bounce please, it makes me want to puke.

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