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Chewjitsu fundamentals vault

Much like the grips series by Chewjitsu, the fundamentals vault has proven instrumental in helping improve my jiujitsu. This series is spread out over a long period of time with a new portion opened up weekly. This is to prevent an overflow of information.

The screenshot above is a picture of Chewy demonstrating some solo hip movement drills. I’ve only done them a few times and not very consistently, but even those few times were extremely helpful with my mobility. Once I get this shoulder situation sorted out, I’m going to hit those drills hard. But there’s more! In addition to the drills, some fundamental movements are covered, things you may already know, but they are broken down and explained for you. He also covers mindset and concepts and provides a wealth of information. Understand these things can go a long way in helping you grow.

Like I said before, it’s absolutely necessary to get to class and train, but these tutorials have been extremely helpful to me. This is especially so during the times that I cannot train. Next week I’ll be having surgery in my mouth and I’ll be out of commission for several weeks. During that time, I’ll continue expanding my mind on the subject. Just because I can’t train in person it doesn’t mean I cannot continue training my mind on the crucial concepts around grappling.

If you’d like to better prepare your body for the rigors of bjj definitely consider investing in this system.

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