Deportation Bus Tour

So these racist idiots have become so damn emboldened that they don’t even hide their racism anymore. Michael Williams, a racist idiot who is trying to become the next Georgia Governor is running a despicable “deportation bus tour.” He claims that he will fill this bus up with illegals and send them back home.

The sad part is that many people will eat this racist horseshit up. You’d think that someone like this could never win a political seat as high as Governor in this day and age, but you’d be wrong. This loser can totally win that, if enough losers vote for him. That shit is disgusting, but also kind of scary.

These racists at times hide their agenda under the guise of Making America Great Again, and doing what’s right for U.S citizens. However, this guy ain’t even bothering, he’s putting that shit up loud and proud. No doubt he’s betting on mobilizing enough fellow racists to win the election. I bet you that if this piece of human excrement had his way, all of us who don’t match his race would be on that or a similar bus. But we ain’t gonna let that happen, are we?

In closing, I’d like to say:

Fuck you Michael Williams.

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