Dessert Review: Red Mango


After some shopping at the “new” mall in Queens we decided to stop in here for some frozen yogurt. This place was pretty busy, it’s self serve on the yogurt, and they have a whole slew of sweet items that you can put on the yogurt. Now, I was craving something sweet, but I wanted something remotely healthy. Seeing all this stuff that they have in there takes this otherwise “somewhat healthy” dessert and turns it into a diabetics nightmare.

My half of the yogurt was plain, my wife added some of the toppings and stuff, as did my son. They charge you by weight, so bare that in mind when you try to squeeze in some more yogurt into that already massive cup that they provide you with. Pack more in, pay more!

I enjoyed it and I’ll have it again if in the area. It’s not out of this world in regards to flavor and quality, but it’s just good enough for a quickie dessert.

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Angel Rodriguez

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