Grooming for ex-girlfriend

It’s been my experience that many of the women I’ve dated don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of facial hair scrubbing and exfoliating their faces. Unlike some of you who can sport a full, well-groomed beard, I seem to grow what feels like a spiky razor wire on my face. My wife, in particular, despises it, given her sensitive skin. So, I’ve been trying harder to keep my face clean-shaven. Somewhere along the way, I got a bit lazy about it. The funny thing is, it wasn’t always like this.

I can still vividly recall my time with an ex-girlfriend. Every time I knew I’d be seeing her, I’d meticulously shave my face, trim my eyebrows, even pluck them, trim the nose hairs, shave the chest and stomach hair, and ensure that the more intimate areas were well-groomed. I left no stone unturned in my quest to be flawless for her. I went above and beyond to make sure she was always impressed with me.

But there was this one day when she surprised me with an unplanned visit. I didn’t have the time for my usual grooming rituals. When she saw me, she remarked, “Wow, you actually have hair on you. You go out of your way for me, don’t you?” What can I say? I was head over heels in love and completely smitten with her. Ironically, she ended up breaking my heart worse than anyone had ever done before. She took me to my lowest point.

Fast forward to the present, and I’ve been putting in more effort to stay on top of my facial grooming (though I still slip up at times) so that my wife will allow me to kiss her more. If I don’t shave, it can be uncomfortable for her, so she tends to avoid kissing when my facial hair gets too prickly. I completely understand that, so I’m doing my best to be more consistent.

For me, kissing and making out are crucial ways to connect with my partner. The absence of that intimacy leads to a feeling of disconnection and detachment.

As I reflect on my past, I’ve realized that I invested so much effort into a relationship with someone who didn’t deserve it. So, it only makes sense to put in an even stronger effort for the woman I married, the one I spend every waking moment with.

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