Hire Locals: Research and Editing by Melinda Gonzalez.

NYCTalking is creating a new section called “Hire locals”.  Here we will highlight local businesses and service providers.  Normally if you need something like a researcher, or editor, you turn to websites such as craigslist, backpages, and other resources. With this new section our aim here at NYCTalking is to place the spotlight on people that provide services within our local neighboring communities. Friends of friends, neighbors, small businesses and so on.  Hopefully this creates a greater sense of community and helps improve things here at home.  Everyone is always worried about what’s going on elsewhere, but there are many people here that need help!  Let’s help our people, especially businesses that were set back thousands of dollars because of our most recent uninvited guest, Sandy.

That being said, today we are focusing our attention on a young mother, college educated at the Master’s level who is offering her research and editing services.  Below is the front page entry directly pulled from her website.  All her contact information is included within the post, and believe me when I tell you that this woman is a beast when it comes to fact checking, data gathering, and writing. I have debated her on many political points and issues, and I’ll tell you, you do not want to be on the opposite side of the podium when debating her. Melinda lives in Newark, NJ, and is availalble for any projects big and small right now.  Please take a look below and if you require these services, make contact with her directly. Thank you for supporting “Hire Locals.”

Melinda Gonzalez is a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University and has completed her Master’s Degree in Anthropology/C.I.T.E at Rutgers University- New Brunswick. She has traveled to and conducted research in Puerto Rico, Japan, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Through her work in Anthropology, she has expertise in conducting social science research and is familiar with various writing and research methods. She has experience designing research projects and completing International Review Board Applications that have been approved.

Melinda is fully bilingual in English & Spanish and offers translation and editing services in both languages

Melinda is trained and equipped to work as a Research AssistantTranslator and Editor.

Melinda will also help you write and edit Personal Statements, Resumes, & CVs for College, Graduate School, and Professional programs as well as Job applications.

Melinda is also a Spoken Word Artist/Poet known as Poeta Guerrera, a Published Author, and Artist, who is available to edit/write literary works as well.

Contact Melinda, today, for her services at gonzalez.melly@gmail.com.

Please click on above tabs for a detailed explanation of services offered and prices.

See Client References to get first-hand feedback from satisfied customers.

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