IDNYC is impossible to get

You’re a New Yorker, and they’ve got this ‘local’ ID that supposedly grants you reduced admission to museums, gyms, and other NYC attractions. In theory, it’s a solid idea, but like most things politicians get involved in, it’s turned into a mess.

My wife has been trying for weeks to get an appointment. She’s visited the locations in person, tried online, and made calls, but there’s never any availability.

We’ve stayed up until midnight many nights waiting for mid-February slots to open up, only to face the same message every time. I suspect the site is glitchy or someone isn’t doing their job properly.

Check this out – this is what the physical location looks like around 8 am. Some folks even queue up as early as 6 am, but by 9 am, nothing’s opened up.

I don’t know how this ID system works, but this is beyond frustrating. They’ve had more than enough time to fix any issues. It feels like they’re purposely making it difficult for us to access these benefits. Does anyone out there know what’s going on with this ridiculous card process? Any advice on how to navigate this mess? My wife really wants it, but honestly, I’m as apathetic now as I was when De Blasio first mentioned it.

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