Justice League War

I have to be honest with you guys; I’m a Marvel guy. I am by no stretch of the imagination a comic expert, but I know quite a few of the characters from the Marvel universe. I’ve never much cared for the DC Universe. I know of the main characters, and I have watched the films such as “Superman Returns” or “The Green Lantern,” but other than what I learned while watching the movies, I know nothing. Plus what I do know, is probably not that accurate because of the movies. On the other hand, I have the entire 1990 and 1991 collection of Marvel’s superhero cards.


I recently managed to watch this film, Justice League War. I didn’t know it was new, by the way. I just though I was watching an old animated film. I didn’t really care for it at first, but by the end of the movie, here is what happened. One, I became a DC fan, as I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and two, I have a new-found respect for Batman. I’ve always argued that the guy is just an athletic human with gadgets, but after watching this film, I have to admit that he holds it down. Without spoiling it for you, let’s just say that he had a big hand in saving the world when one of my favorites was down for the count. Respect Batman. Respect.

batman superman

This film is a prequel of sorts to the Justice League existing. The advertisement says, “Before the Justice League, there was WAR.” Though the film is new, it actually takes place before the team was formed. This is how they meet and are acknowledged as the good guys. I’m not sure who’s who except for the obviously recognizable characters. For instance, who’s this cyborg dude, Victory? I had never heard of him until this film. Is he a well know guy? I’ll give you a sneak peak, he too holds it down!


The plot is that a monster alien of sorts called Darkside is executing an invasion of planet Earth.


He sent in a bunch of alien soldiers to steal humans and harvest their bodies. Well, the superheroes have a problem with that, and they intend to stop it!

war aliens

For a cartoon, there is quite a lot happening in this film. There is family drama, competition, friendship, jealousy, plenty of humor, and of course war. Everyone of the heroes has an important role they serve. The superheroes initially suspect that one or the other may be involved with the invasion. However, they soon find out that this is not the case.

superman wonder woman

Not only are they not the bad guys, it turns out that the only way that they can beat the enemy is by working together as a team. They may not know it yet, but this was the beginning of one of the most powerful unions of warriors the DC universe has ever seen.


I enjoyed the film a lot. I don’t want to spoil it with any more specifics, but the film is awesome so you should watch it. For me, it opened up an entirely unknown world of superheroes as well as giving me a whole new respect for Batman. In addition, I had no idea about Shazam! Check it out, it’s pretty dope!


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