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I’ve been to La Casa Day Spa many times over the years. Though, it had been quite a long time since my last visit, once I got there, my buddy Greg was still running the show. He’s a lively 78 year old man whom though I barely know, I’m very fond of. He’s friendly, professional, and eager to please his clients. That’s a great winning combination.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s been a few years since I’ve been over, so I went up too far and hit the wrong floor. Don’t do that, make sure you stop on two! Why? I’m glad you asked! On the third floor they have two little dogs. The type of dog we call ankle biters, and they actually lived up to the name. When I went up there, the brown one started barking at me, then, hidden beneath a sofa, the little white one stuck it’s head out and then they were both barking at me.

I realized that I was on the wrong floor, so I apologized and started to back out. That’s when the little white one attacked me, I presume that she saw my backing out the door as a sign of weakness? She came forth and bit my sneaker 3 times. I mean, this little focker straight up assaulted me! She legit went at my feet, at bit me with those tiny 19 year old teeth!

I didn’t realize this was actually Greg’s dog, so I joked with him about my desire to kick the little terror. If the dog wants to fight, it stands to learn a very valuable lesson in picking it’s opponents. That’s when he said, “She’s the leader, and she’s a mean one. But that dog worked its way into my heart, Angel.” I thought, “Aww crap, I just joked about kicking this dude’s baby.” Anyway, I’m just messing around, I didn’t do anything to the dog, and I’d never do anything like that. I’m just joking, and if you are taking me seriously, you need to relax!

So after the assault happened, I went downstairs and spoke with Greg about the services I’d be using. There appeared to be some confusion as to what I was signed up for, and I told Greg not to worry, that I was easy. But he refused and insisted that he would sort it out, and he did. Like I said, this man is all about the customer service. Extremely professional.


I started with this thing called a pedidetox. It’s a little contraption that is supposed to use ions or some stuff to pull out metals and garbage through your feet. As I understand it, we have many pores in our feet and this is a good way to detox. This isn’t one of those things where you do it, and you experience immediate relief. I mean, none of these types of treatments are. However, the water changing color is supposed to be a good indicator if it’s working. As there are no immediate tangible signs that it’s working, I take this with a grain of salt. And hey, the water changed color. Hehe.

Sensory Deprivation Float

The other activity I took part in was floating. I had tried it once before, and wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, this time the experience was a tad different. I think that the water may have been slightly warmer than body temperature. The water should be more or less body temperature in order to make you feel like you are floating in space. However, since it felt a bit warmer, I think it was causing my body to overheat. That in addition to the fact that I’m floating in a whole lot of epsom salt seemed to cause my blood pressure to rise.

I could hear pressure the blood pulsing in my temple, and this rendered me completely unable to relax. I was aware of this pulsing most of the time so I didn’t enter that higher meditative state. Unlike last time I had no visions. The hour seemed to pass by really quickly, so I suspect I may have nodded off? The water was about 6 inches deep, much more shallow than Sacred Waters but I was still floating easily.

So the pulsing in my head sucked, I didn’t get to really enjoy it this time. I do want to try it all over the city, so I’ll keep on trying other spots too. I think each place will provide a different experience, and maybe a different level of meditation? I don’t know, I mean my buddy just tried Sacred Waters after reading my review, and he said he completely knocked out to sleep.


Finally, as part of my mega detox day, I had a colon cleanse. It’s been years and years since I do this, and this was a reminder why. Getting a tube shoved up your butt, then getting pumped up with a water solution, and pooping over and over again for 45 minutes is not a fun task I tell you. No fun at all. However, my therapist remembered me from before, that was nice. Also, she said that I had a great colonic session and I that released a lot of toxins (poop). That’s cool, but still, this was not fun.

La Casa Day Spa is one of my favorite places to go. I went before for the oxygen tank, pedidetox, and colonic. The place is comfortable, the people are nice, and I just feel good being there. Since I don’t go to the city much these days, I haven’t been there for awhile. But I remember way back in the days, Greg told me about the float. Also, these guys are listed as one of the “old guards” in NYC when it comes to flotation. They’ve been doing it awhile, and though my experience felt a bit off this day, maybe it was just me? It doesn’t matter, I still love this place, and I highly recommend a visit. Just remember, watch out for those dogs!

For more info, or to meet the dogs, check out their site here, or call them up at (212) 673-2272.

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