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La Verdad Gear

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders of La Verdad Gear at a Capicu show, The People’s Open Mic. He was stationed in the rear, and had some cool shirts for sale. I started speaking with Claudio, and he shared the company’s vision with me.

These guys are trying to highlight and share our Latino Culture through clothing and the arts. Co-Founder Claudio Paulo Juarez provided me with their first t-shirt, and I put it on right then and there! Thanks for that, brother! I rocked it for the cameras as I performed! I also rocked the shirt during my first official music video shoot!

angel rodriguez la verdad

I really love the Cultivo shirt, it fits great, the fabric is great, I honestly love this shirt. Don’t believe me? Just look through my profile pictures and see how often I am wearing it! You’d think I don’t take a bath or ever change clothes, but I do. I just really like this shirt! I’m thinking of picking up a couple more!

Loisaidafest la bruja

This shirt, seen in the picture above and below is called The Cultivo shirt, La Rosa Blanca, the white rose. Co-Founder Christian Alequin stated the following about the shirt:

The rosa blanca is our Cultivo Shirt- this shirt references the famous Cuban poet Jose Marti and his famous Poem “Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca.” We want to showcase that instead of fighting with fists, we should instead cultivate a white rose. Cultivate a new mentality for our youth and teach them how to cultivate a white rose, even to their enemies.

angel nelly capicu

The message is clear, and solid. That is why I support these guys. Often, people who feel that they have been wronged try to effect change via methods that are not effective. Instead of using conflict resolution, we resort to using our fists! Though our friends at La Verdad Gear are referencing Latino history and culture, this particular message truly is universal. All that they are saying can be applied to all cultures. You don’t have to be Latino to cultivate a beautiful white rose in the face of aggression!


The guys have just released the second shirt in the series, and this one is called The Paz y Respeto shirt, Peace and respect. This one highlights Benito Juarez’ famous quote, “entre los individuos como entre la naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.”

SA_Tee_Only_Mockupresized_large (1)

We highlight paz y respeto in order to show our community that in order to excel and to get our point across it should always be done with peace and respect. All of our designs are focused around history, culture and tradition. This is done in order to keep our identity alive and also to speak the truth.

That’s beautiful! If you would like to know more about the great work these guys are doing, or to purchase a shirt, check out La Verdad Gear!

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