Let’s Talk About SoulMates

Most of us have heard the term soulmates. However, how many of us have actually explored the concept? Let’s examine one theory around soulmates. Say that in the beginning there were only two souls. But in order to populate the earth, God had to divide those souls.

God divided them once, but that just wasn’t enough.

So they were divided again and again.

Now let’s say that all those fragments which originally consisted of the two first souls were scattered throughout the earth. You know what happens then? Those two souls wish to be reunited as one again. When a Soul 1 meets another Soul 1, they are immediately drawn to one another.

Think about it, have you ever met someone, either dating or friend, male or female, and you just clicked with them? It’s so weird but you feel like you’ve known each other forever? Well, there is a theory that you may have just met someone who was part of your original soul, in this case soul 1.

Fascinating and beautiful isn’t it? The book entitled Brida by Paulo Coelho brings us that amazing story. The book presents the concept of soulmates in this beautiful and fascinating way.

I have often spoken about this concept and decided to make a cheesy hand drawn infographic illustrating the concept. The number of original souls is not consistent with the story, but I made it this way for simplicity’s sake. What do you think about this?

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