MomoFuku Ma Peche Restaurant Review

It was recently my wife’s birthday, so I made reservations and took her to Ma Peche. I wanted to take her somewhere different to where we normally go. She has a dinner buddy who usually celebrates with her as well, so we invited him to come along. Super nice guy, even my son likes him.

Ma Peche is on the lower level of the Chamber Hotel. You can access it via the main hotel entrance, or through the Momofuku Milk bar. Finding the entry point was a bit confusing for us when we got there, but we made it in!

We arrived a bit early, though we had reservations, and we were seated right away. It was still relatively quiet down there, and that was cool. Our server was a nice young lady, and she answered any questions we had. Service here, for the most part was very good.

We tried several dishes, and the majority of them were really good.

One of the ones we tried was the Rainbow trout. We all liked this dish, and I did enjoy it too, but it wasn’t the number one dish of the evening for me, another holds that title. Still, dont’ get me wrong, it was pretty good.

This broccoli and sunflower seed side was really yummy. Healthy and delicious! My wife really loved this one, and I did too. As a fitness blogger, and host of NextBestDay, I eat broccoli every day of my life, and I sure do love me some creative dishes with broccoli bases! Try this, it’s good!

This pork bun wasn’t what I was expecting, I was thinking it would be like the ones you get in Chinatown, those joints are so damn good! However, though different, and unexpected, this was pretty good. Had a good flavor, and the pork was yummy!

This thinly cut sirloin was pretty yummy, as were the accompanying vegetables. This one was one of my favorite dishes of the evening. It’s light, so if you are with a group, make sure you order two, or add something else. We devoured this, and I felt I was holding back on my desire to shove my face in it!

This chicharron definitely was not what I was expecting. This one could have been a 25 cent bag of pork rinds from the bodega and I wouldn’t know the difference. It comes with a smoked trout sauce of sorts, that was good, but the pork rinds, definitely not worth 13 bucks in my opinion. But that’s not to say it’s terrible, but just that I can’t tell the difference between them. That may just be me, you might like them. Just saying, pork rinds are pork rinds.

This wagyu beef was probably my favorite. It was a bit thicker, and the flavor of the beef as well as the accompanying salad was delicious. It’s expensive, but pretty damn good if you can swing it. There were 3 of us, well, two paying, and we went for it! Hmmm. Must have!

Here is my beautiful Queen, about to make a wish before blowing out the candles. Sadly, she didn’t wish for a good dessert, cause…….

The sommefreddo. I’ve actually reached out to momofuku on twitter, and dropped them an email about this. We could not eat this product at all. The amount and chunks of salt that were in this made it inedible! Not me, not my wife, and not our buddy could eat this thing. The salt was everywhere and it made the product absolutely disgusting. If I ate this thing, I’d probably end up in the E.R with high blood pressure.

We told the server, hoping that maybe she’d remove it, (she didn’t) but we didn’t make a big issue of it. Y’all know me, I’m easy about things like that. I did manage to get a taste of a piece that wasn’t doused in salt, and it was good, but that was only a tiny part. It’s shame, I’d love to eat the whole thing. But the sauce, chunks of salt, I mean, seriously folks, I don’t know who could possibly eat this. I take blood pressure meds, and I wasn’t gonna risk this!

The restaurant was nice, but my wife said that the dessert ruined it for her. This was her birthday celebration, and I had called ahead about putting a cake or something with a candle on deck for us. I received a call back explaining the options and everything. These folks are extremely professional. The place is top notch, and definitely lives up to the standard set by the Momofuku brand, except for the dessert and that 25 cent pork rind thingy. LOL.

It was a cool place, just avoid the aforementioned items and you should be okay. Also, I bet that they were probably just having an off day when they made this dessert, I can’t imagine that anyone would intentionally make it that salty. I bet if I had it again, it wouldn’t be the same.

UPDATE: Momofuku’s social media, and customer service pros have engaged us and are trying to make things right for us. Like I said before, these folks run an extremely professional ship and they must have had an off day. We’ve been invited to taste sample some of their new items, and I’m going to take them up on this.

I know that my reviews are not as in depth and poetic and they can or used to be, my focus has shifted, but I still like to do quick reviews. I strive to give you a quick, general idea of the experience without spending hours illustrating every detail. There are plenty of other bloggers out there who do that much better, and sometimes more obnoxiously than I can! LOL.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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