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Nervous in bed. You are more confident now.

We sat in my living room listening to music, she looks at me and says, “It’s getting late, are we only going to listen to music?”

Impressed by her direct statement, I arose and grabbed her hand. I led her into the bedroom, and began to kiss her. Shortly thereafter she was naked, and laying down on my bed. My head was between her legs. She was amazingly beautiful, and I was feeling the pressure. She knew exactly what she liked, and she directed me on what she wanted me to do with my lips and tongue. I obeyed.

Now she was returning in kind. Holy crap, she is good at this! I’m losing my mind as she works me over with her mouth. I had to stop her, I couldn’t take much more of that without losing control of myself. I wanted this to last!

Next we began to grind. As I looked into her eyes, I began to go soft. I was still so very nervous, and she could tell. She told me to relax and not to think about what just happened. She whispered relax, and started going down on me again. This woman was so beautiful, so amazingly hot! Damn, I was intimidated by her! The closest I ever came to feeling this way before was when I lost my virginity. However, I have come such a long way since then, this was odd. “This never happened to me before!

Not to worry, she knew exactly what to say and do. Before long I was back to work. After a few moments I realized that this was really happening, and that I was worthy of the moment. I started to feel comfortable and confident. Yes, I’m becoming myself again. As I was inside of her, she noticed my change in demeanor, she saw that I was taking control of the moment.

As I held her by the waist and thrusted deep into her doggy style, she turned her head back and said “You are more confident now.”

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