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Nervous Lady

Yesterday, as I waited for the elevator at work, this nervous lady approached me and she asked me if I worked here. I looked at her and replied, yes, I do. She then asked me what company I work for? Now, if i wasn’t already on high alert, she just totally raised up the warning signals. I replied that I work for company in this building. She continued to examine me, now she’s making me nervous, so I keep looking around to see if she’s trying to set me up or something.

As we continued to wait, she said she worked for the home attendant office here, I replied that this was nice, and continued trying to mind my own business. Shortly thereafter the elevator arrived, I held it for her to board, and she said no. Okay, I got on, she stuck her head in, and again asked “Are you sure you work here?” Then she said “I’m going to take the stairs.” I shrugged and said “Take care.”

I think this woman was afraid that I might do something to her in the elevator. I’m not sure what her history is, nor what about my energy or appearance led her to become afraid, but I get it.

In fact, given her line of questioning, and the fact that she was acting so shady, it made me start to act suspicious and shady. See, in my mind, her questions, her prying, is trying to set me up. In her mind, my not answering her, and how I may have been reacting was making her even more suspicious.

I understand that women particularly have to be careful out there. But understand this, if you start questioning a person that you don’t know, they too will become suspicious. And at the end of the day, you gonna end up taking the stairs anyway. So if you are suspicious of me, or anyone, just go straight to the stairs. A person like me will never answer your questions, because, frankly, the same way you might see us as a threat, we see you as a potential threat.

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