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New FDA approved weight loss drug: Qsymia

By the last quarter of this year, morbidly obese people, meaning those with over 30% body fat, with at least one weight related illness such as high blood pressure or diabetes will be able to apply for a new FDA approved drug: Qsymia.

On the news report it was labeled “A magic pill”, but we all know magic doesn’t exist. Unless you are talking about the basketball player, because then yes, he still does exist. According to studies, combined with diet and exercise this pill can help you lose significant amounts of weight.

As with anything there are many risk and side effects. You know how that goes, the usual cover your butt legal jargon side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, and what’s that big one?  Oh yeah I remember DEATH! Though they announce something discreet to the effect of “Rare side effects some FATAL have been reported.”

Pregnant women should not take this product as they stated that it increases the chance of a baby being born with a cleft chin. Also let’s repeat this drug is not meant for average people that just need to drop 20 pounds because they want to wear a bikini. This is for people that really need it and should only be taken with a doctor’s prescription and under the care of medical guidance.

This post is meant to make you aware that this product is coming and has received approval from the FDA. However this post is not meant for use as a diagnosis, medical advice, or anything even remotely related. I am the furthest thing from a qualified physician so do not use this post as medical advice. For more information about this drug contact your medical specialist.

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