Planet Fitness Does It Again!

A colleague of mine who wishes to remain anonymous informed me that she was not allowed to have a gallon of water at her gym.

The first thing that I thought to myself was “This better not be Planet Fitness! It’s gonna be Planet Fitness, I know it. Watch it be Planet Fitness. Who else but Planet Fitness would say such an idiotic thing?”

Then I asked, so, uh, which gym was it?

She replied, “It happened at Planet Fitness in Steinway, Queens.”

Hot damn! Planet Fitness! Of course it’s Planet Fitness! Ladies and  Gentlemen Planet Fitness is at it once again!

They complained that she looked like a power lifter and that the gallon of water was indicating that she was a lunk. She informed us that she went to the gym to do some cardio and that she was told her if she kept the gallon of water, that she’d have to leave the gym!

As if Planet Fitness hasn’t already alienated enough people with their lunk alarms, their pathetic gymtimidation policy, and all of their other weakness enhancing practices!

Now they are taking issue with an individual maintaining proper hydration? Because it makes them look like, they are uhm, working out? What gym has ever, ever, ever had an issue with someone bringing a gallon of water to train? These people should encourage smart gym behavior, not discourage it.

And this is reason 1,001 why I don’t like or train at Planet Fitness.

I spoke with a staff member at the Astoria gym and he said that he believes the policies work for them. He was a nice guy and directed me to HQ for more information. Calls to the District Managers and PSNY headquarters have not yet been returned.

You may recall we covered Planet Fitness on our sister website Hidden Report when a woman was scolded for wearing clothes that made her look too fit. Apparently this intimidated the other folks while they were eating their pizza? Give me a break! It’s a gym!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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