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So lately I’ve been craving Thai food. I was taking my kid to get a haircut, and decided to walk along Roosevelt to find and try a new Thai spot. I encountered this one. It’s kind of like a hole in the wall, nestled in this little nook that I have never paid much attention to. For some reason I decided to try it.

Well, I can say with pretty much 100% certainty, that I would not make a return trip. Sometimes you go to a restaurant, and you eat good food, but the service sucks. Other times, the food sucks, but the service was outstanding. Some days, you go to a place, and it all sucks. There is nothing there that would bring me back.

I took some pictures, but I’m debating if it is even worth sharing them, what’s the point? I didn’t like the place, I won’t go back, so why bother going through the effort of uploading pictures? I tell you what, I’ll upload one, and make it the featured picture. That’s all they get though.

I had some calamari, tasteless. The sauce was the only thing that made this dish edible. My son had chicken wings and white rice. He didn’t eat it all, said he didn’t like the weird taste. I had this beef basil dish that was supposed to be light on the spice. It was pretty spicy, and really didn’t taste all that good. In fact, some of the greens in there tasted down right weird.

The service was typical of a sub-par restaurant. Not very friendly, can barely communicate, and not once was our water refilled. Not once did they ask “How is everything?” Honestly, I couldn’t wait to leave the place and I felt relieved once I did. Perhaps this was an off night for them? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I’d say this spot is best avoided.

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