Red Comic Review

I recently read the comic Red from homage comics. Some of you may recognize it from the movie Red with Bruce Willis. I completely forgot that I had this on my iPad and just came across it by chance as I looked for something new yet short and quick to read.

I have the prequel to Red and it covers the character, Frank Moses when he was much younger. That story deals with how he kind of wants to get out of the Assassin business. Do they let him go?

Then it jumps forward like 40 years and we see a much older Frank Moses. However don’t let the fact that he’s older fool you, the guy is still really deadly and highly competent and skilled at what he does.

I have to tell you I really enjoyed the comic. Though it does have some similarities to the Bruce Willis movie, it’s actually pretty different in how the story plays out. The movie did a fairly good job portraying the comic story.

Basically you have a retired CIA guy who for some reason they now want dead. The old dude was chilling in retirement, minding his own business and they had to go messing with him. Well clearly, that was a mistake. As I mentioned before, he’s older but still very deadly. This is something that those who ordered him dead learn quite promptly.

The prequel is from 2011 and the actual comic series which is only three comics long is from 2003. Totally worth a read and I really enjoyed it. Check it out if you’re into action comics. I chose this for my read last night because it was pretty short, but it’s really good. I plan to read it again.

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