Rolling with a stinky gi!

Workout clothes get stinky after a while, the gi is no exception. Have you seen the way I sweat? Yo, I sweat like crazy!

So how do you dry your gi? How do you keep it from getting stinky? Have you ever found yourself rolling with a stinky gi user?

I believe that no matter what, over time and regular usage, your gi will inevitably get funky. However, you can take steps to delay the inevitable.

As you can see in the picture above, I hang my gi out to dry after every workout. I also do the same with my belt, and contrary to some advice I’ve received, I also wash my belt.

One thing that I believe will really expedite the gi smelliness is multiple uses without washing it. I advise you to dry and wash your gi after every use. Don’t wear it to work out more than once without washing it. If you do, I promise you that it’s gonna get smelly.

I remember one guy who clearly reused his gi, I rolled with him for a few minutes then pretended I got hurt to stop cause I didn’t want to insult him. We weren’t that close. But his gi smelled disgusting and I don’t know how he could wear that. I have one older gi that has a bit of musk to it, but it still smells clean you know? This gi had that smell that clothes get when they are not dried out and just dumped in a hamper. Disgusting man.

Since I started training, I have purchased 5 gis, and my buddy gave me 1 that didn’t fit him anymore. I always use a fresh gi when I train. Also, you can spare me the bullshit about them being too expensive because you can now purchase gis that cost $40 that are actually pretty good. If you can’t afford to do that, I understand. But I’m sure you can afford the two dollars it costs to wash and dry your gi.

I know that you might think you can get away with multiple uses of the gi, but you can’t. Seriously, it smells bad and we can tell. Do your fucking laundry and dry your gi after training.

I’ve seen some guys use a spray on their gi after training, they say it helps keep it bacteria free and stuff, but I’ve never researched or used any of that. If you have any tips for us, please share them below!

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