Service Review: Medstar Surgical and breathing Equipment


These guys provide sleep and respiratory services. My first review for these guys was a raving positive review, however, things have changed.

Apparently my equipment is supposed to be replaced every 6 months, well, how am I supposed to know this? So I have been using this equipment now well past those 6 months. Well I look at the filter I was concerned that I have been having this pumped directly into my face. (I use a cpap to sleep.)

This isn’t my main issue though, that’s forgivable to a degree. Also that could easily be pinned on me or my doctor as well for not keeping updated on what I need to do or what my insurance company provides me.

My issue with these guys is their customer service, I’ve been chasing them now for 2 weeks trying to get my replacement parts. The first week I must have been transferred about 15 times, many dropped calls, and just as many unreturned messages.

I reached a point where I refused to let the operator off the phone. I told her “every time you transfer me, I either get hung up on, or leave a message with no call back. I want a human.” I asked her to please rise from her chair and get a tech department person pick up the phone. They did.

Once on the phone with these guys I was able to get things resolved. A few phone calls to my sleep doctor, insurance, and eventually my equipment is on its way. Yay, right? No, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Fast forward the four days it takes these people to get a life sustaining device to me, from Queens NYC to Queens NYC, and guess what, they sent me the wrong item! Mind you I specified and checked that they registered the right item. But no, I get the wrong item.

Enter week 3 in dealing with these guys, now I have left 2 messages, clear, slow, concise messages, stating my name, phone number, and reason for calling. Guess what? No return call again. I know these guys are not that busy that several days pass by and they cannot return a client’s phone call.

This is really bad business my friends, I decided to be kind and gave them several chances to do right by me, but they keep screwing me again and again. As such the stellar, raving review they once had becomes this.

Doctors use businesses like this one for their functions, however this type of behavior towards customers is unacceptable. Question is, how do we the general public address this?


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